21-Jan-2019Clearwater, FL+3 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of about 40+ wine/liquor. My family doesn t drink alcohol so I need bottles from elsewhere. Color and size doesn t matter. The more bottles the better!!!
20-Jan-2019Holiday, FL+19 milesItems Wanted
looking for old unwanted desktop computers, laptops, lawn mowers, electronics of any kind, flatscreen tvs vacuums, xmas lights, appliances etc. It does not matter if they work or not. Lets keep these items from going to the land fill. By recycling we are saving the planet for tomorrow
20-Jan-2019Holiday, FL+19 milesItems Wanted
I want your broken appliances, flatscreen tvs and electronics. Any condition
20-Jan-2019Holiday, FL+19 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a double stroller for use by 18 month and 6 month old babies. Thanks for your consideration
18-Jan-2019Clearwater, FL+3 milesItems Wanted
for a classroom, mostly boys, need items with no pieces or large pieces. Trains, building, etc. We dont need a lot just some to change over the classroom toys we have now.
18-Jan-2019St. Petersburg, FL+12 milesItems Wanted
Have a 2 week old and that is really all we are missing!
Looking for a slightly used Inversion Table. Cheap or free. Please call 727-493-0982
14-Jan-2019St. Petersburg, FL+12 milesItems Wanted
I have some mixed pieces of white china pieces. They are white with a silver ring around the edge. They have a white lacey design in the outer edge. It does not have to have white lace. It can be plain white. I have a few pieces from 3 different companies but they all match each other. A nice lady recently gave me a Sango white china platter with a silver AND gold band on the outside. It is per...
14-Jan-2019Clearwater, FL+3 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an old Roku 1 (model 2710) that can be installed on an older TV with no HDMI port. Need to utilize red, white, yellow connections.
If you have any white china & don't use it anymore or it's collecting dust, I could really use. I actually want it for my wedding reception in 2019 & then use it for family holidays etc. I was given a few pieces by 2 different neighbors and discovered I like it! The design is the same for several brands & names. It's white lace on a white background. It has a silver band around the edge. But it...
I need an office chair so a mentally challenged young adult can sit at computer. It needs to be in good working condition, please!
13-Jan-2019Dunedin, FL+7 milesItems Wanted
Perhaps someone has one that they don't have any use for anymore......worth asking, you never know :)
8-Jan-2019St. Petersburg, FL+12 milesItems Wanted
If you have any jigsaw puzzles 500 pieces or more that you are no longer using, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Or if you would like to exchange puzzles, contact me. Thanks!
6-Jan-2019St. Petersburg, FL+12 milesItems Wanted
Got a record player for Christmas, just looking for records people don t want anymore & hopefully build a collection. Thanks in advance.